Our domain in Verzenay, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards

In Verzenay, the Champagne wine-growing tradition is respected

Our family works in the pure Champagne tradition in order to offer everyone the best vintages. The terroir of Verzenay transmits its power, its vinosity as well as its typical notes of red and white fruits.

On the fertilizer side, none of our treatments contain toxic or carcinogenic products for humans. A plot vinification is carried out for half in barrels, on lees. Natural yeasts are used, and we practice neither fining nor filtration for most cuvées. Chaptalization is not sought there.

Our vines are situated in Verzenay (Marne, France). Our vineyards cover 7 hectares, mainly located on the Grand Cru terroirs of Verzenay and Verzy. Our production is under certification in sustainable viticulture (High Environmental Value)..